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Thai Fisherman Pants - Yellow

Thai Fisherman Pants - Yellow
Thai Fisherman Pants - Yellow
Thai Fisherman Pants - Yellow
"Aladin Pants" (Afgan pants)
New flattering design for a casual, trendy look.
Comfortable to wear, for a light feeling.
Comes in one size, to suit all.
Adjustable length: long, 3/4 and short.
Super comfy for physical training - Yoga, Capuera, etc.
Exclusively imported by BOLENAT!

Our Price: $11.90

  Feedbacks about the product
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18/10/2007such a treat, do finally find ...

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Thick short Thai pants - Black
Short 3/4 thick Thai fisherman pants. These new pants are thicker and have stronger stitches. The new design is very popular, comfortable, flattering and light. One size (wrap on with tying) and unisex - fits all, men and women. Made of 100% cotton. Ideal for all climates & as casual wear, beach wear, rave, and exercise. Imported from Thailand, exclusively by BOLENAT. The best price online.

Unit price: $12.9
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