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Long Glass Ice Bong - The Big Blue

Long Glass Ice Bong - The Big Blue
Long Glass Ice Bong - The Big Blue
Long Glass Ice Bong - The Big Blue
Large colorful ice phx glass water bong.
Amazing hand made bong with amazing colors combinations
Made of Pyrex glass - resistible to heat up to 700c degrees
Smoking with glass instruments is to be considered the most pleasuring.
This bong can contain up to 5 ice cubes that keeps the smoke cool and easy to inhale.
Color: Blue
Size: Large / Long

Size: 42cm / 15.5"
Our Price: $59.90

  Feedbacks about the product
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14/12/2008Got my order Dec 10TH, Was imp...
04/08/2007One of the best bongs in my co...
03/08/2007this bong looks nice but it sh...
24/07/2007This bong looks so cool! best ...

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5 Pyrex glass stems (downpipe). This item is not a female or male glass slider - its a standard pyrex stem. This set contain 5 pyrex glass stem offered for at minimum cost. Made of Pyrex glass - resistible to heat up to 700c degrees Length: 9-10cm Diameter: 10mm Thickness: 1mm

Unit price: $7.9
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