Gas Mask Bong with Acrylic Tube | Skull


Spooky skull themed gas mask bong with acrylic tube

  • Adjustable head straps
  • Transparant black skull-shaped acrylic tube
  • Black glow in the dark rubber mask
  • Removable metal downstem with screw-on bowl
  • Use with metal screens
  • Easy to clean

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Gas Mask Bong with Acrylic Tube | Skull – Description

This extraordinary Gas Mask Bong features a creepy skull face on the end of its transparant black acrylic tube and comes with adjustable head straps on the mask, that enables the mask to comfortably fit around most heads. The black mask glows in the dark, which makes it even more fun to smoke at night. The bong delivers big, rich hits that completely fill the mask with smoke, so make sure your ready for the in your face smoking experience!

Gas Mask Bong with Acrylic Tube | Skull – Specs

  • color:black
  • Height:45 cm / 17.7 inches (with mask)


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