Magic Glass – Color Squid Perc Stemless 7mm Glass Bong


Worked color sections and an unusual perc on an indulgent glass bong!

  • Handmade in Germany
  • Laboratory-grade Schott-Duran borosilicate glass
  • 7-arm pierced squid perc with worked multi-color top
  • Color bowl with 14.5mm joint, 3mm opening and rollstopper
  • 18.8mm > 14.5mm adapter
  • Sandblasted Magic Glass logo and designers signature

All Magic Glass pieces are made to order and will be shipped within 3 to 7 business days of your order.

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Magic Glass – Color Squid Perc Stemless 7mm Glass Bong – Description

This unusual glass waterpipe from Magic Glass is made of 7mm-thick high-grade Schott-Duran borosilicate glass and is meant for the glass collector who is looking for color, quality and percolation features that are a little out of the ordinary! Standing over 1.5 feet tall (48cm), this beautiful, extra-thick glass stemless bong has a 7-arm squid perc floating in the tube, with holes pierced in the arms for smoke diffusion and a colorful worked top. The 14.5mm bowl comes with an 18.8mm > 14.5mm glass-on-glass joint adapter and features a clear glass bead rollstopper and a slightly glittery worked top in green, black, orange, red and yellow. When you light up your bud and take a pull, smoke is pulled downward into the base, up through the squid perc, and is then forced through the squid percs arms and out of the piercings before traveling up the tube to the comfortable mouthpiece. The result is cooled, filtered smoke that is less harsh on your throat and lungs.

Magic Glass – Color Squid Perc Stemless 7mm Glass Bong – Specs

  • Glass Patterns and Techniques:Worked
  • color:multiple colors on clear glass
  • Height:48 cm / 18.9 inches
  • Glass Thickness:7.0 mm
  • Diameter:45mm tube, 65mm main chamber
  • Joint Size:18.8 mm > 14.5 mm
  • Sand Blasted:Yes