ROOR – Paper Filter Tips – Single Pack


Enjoy the high quality you expect from ROOR when smoking rollies!

  • 100% natural, ink-free paper filter tips
  • Booklet cover designs vary
  • One pack contains 32 tips

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ROOR – Paper Filter Tips – Single Pack – Description

If you love the luxury of ROORs glass bongs and accessories, youll love the little luxury of using ROORs own Paper Filter Tips for rolling! Like all of their products, these ROOR paper filter tips are of the highest quality you can buy — each tip is 100% natural and ink-free. The tips are perforated for easy removal from the booklet. Once removed from the booklet, the tip measures 50mm x 25mm. Each booklet cover features one of a collection of varied designs, so why not buy a few for your smoking kit?!

ROOR – Paper Filter Tips – Single Pack – Specs

  • Brand Name:ROOR
  • Quantity:Single pack with 32 tips