Magic Glass – Rude Boy 5mm Glass Bong


High-end glass bong under 11 inches tall, from Magic Glass!

  • Handmade in Germany
  • Laboratory-grade Schott-Duran borosilicate glass
  • Virtually indestructible, extra-thick bi-stabile Monumental joint
  • Clear glass funnel bowl on one-piece chillum downstem
  • Downstem length: 12.5cm / 4.9 inches
  • Magic Glass logo on tube
  • Made with carb hole by default; check box for NO carb hole
  • Check box to upgrade to diffuser downstem and slide bowl for additional charge

All Magic Glass pieces are made only when you place an order, so please be aware that occasional delays during the glassblowing process may occur.

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Magic Glass – Rude Boy 5mm Glass Bong – Description

This hefty Rude Boy glass bong From Magic Glass will get your party started or liven up a night at home! Made by hand from 5mm-thick laboratory grade borosilicate glass, the Rude Boy is a tough guy right down to its virtually unbreakable Monumental 14.5mm joint. This bong comes standard with a carb hole and an open-end chillum with attached funnel bowl. When ordering, you can choose to have your bong made without a carb hole by checking the box, and you have the option to upgrade to a 3-piece system (bong, diffuser downstem and 14.5mm funnel bowl) for an additional charge.

Magic Glass – Rude Boy 5mm Glass Bong – Specs

  • Height:27 cm / 10.6 inches
  • Glass Thickness:5 mm
  • Diameter:Tube 40 mm / Body 105 mm
  • Joint Size:14.5 mm