Transformer Tubes – Boob Toob Module


Topless girl module for your Transformer Tubes pipe kit!

  • Ships from the USA
  • Interchangeable with other Transformer Tubes parts
  • Adds height and frontal nudity to your pipe kit
  • Transformer Tubes logo
  • Naked lady may vary from photo

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Transformer Tubes – Boob Toob Module – Description

If you cant find a topless girl to hang out with you while you smoke from your Transformer Tubes water pipe, then get the next best thing! This Boob Toob module adds some height and and an exciting view to your smoking experience! Constructed from affordable, lightweight and durable polycarbonate, the same tough material used to make bulletproof windows, this piece easily twists onto any other Transformer Tubes module with a large double helix thread that forms a tight seal and wont become stripped or worn.

Transformer Tubes – Boob Toob Module – Specs

  • Brand Name:Transformer Tubes
  • color:image in tube may vary from photo