The Rokit V5 Bong Kit by Red-Eye


Fun to assemble, more fun to smoke!

  • 14-port dual chamber
  • Red accents
  • Stylish metal flight case
  • Kit includes poker, spare screens and cleaning solution

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The Rokit V5 Bong Kit by Red-Eye – Description

As if smoking from a bong wasnt already a fun and exciting activity on its own, here comes Red Eyes Rokit V5 Bong Kit! Follow the instructions included to put it all together, then enjoy smooth, cool, delicious hits when your smoke is broken up into thousands of bubbles by the14-port dual chamber at the core. Made of medical-grade stainless steel, the core will last virtually forever and wont corrode with water contact.

The Rokit V5 Bong Kit by Red-Eye – Specs

  • Brand Name:Red-Eye
  • Height:23 cm / 9 inches
  • color:red