G-Spot Glass – Egg Bong Curved Base


Durable Egg shaped bong by G-Spot

  • Made in Germany
  • High quality borosilicate glass
  • Gold G-Spot logo
  • Stable round foot
  • 14.5mm Diffuser downstem with attached bowl
  • Ideal downstem length: 16 cm / 6.3 inches
  • Carb hole
  • Available with or without ice notches

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G-Spot Glass – Egg Bong Curved Base – Description

The G-Spot Egg Bong has a straight cylinder and an egg shaped bubble base. The glass bong is adorned with the exclusive G-Spot logo along the neck in real gold leaf just below the mouthpiece. The bong has been built with heavy 5mm thick, high-grade borosilicate glass and has a stable, round foot. The bong comes with a durable glass downstem that fits perfectly into the 14.5mm joint located on the tube, so you can start enjoying smooth, bubbly pulls right away!

G-Spot Glass – Egg Bong Curved Base – Specs

  • Brand Name:G-Spot Glass
  • Height:48cm / 19 inch
  • Joint Size:14.5 mm
  • Glass Thickness:5mm
  • Diameter:50mm