Tattoo Acrylic Bong – Fluorescent


Tattoo acrylic bong fluorescent

  • Long straight acrylic water pipe
  • Tribal tattoo logo
  • Comes in various fluorescent colors
  • The metal downtube and bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet and base are standardized parts
  • A simple but highly effective design

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Tattoo Acrylic Bong – Fluorescent – Description

Acrylic water pipes are amongst the most practical, easy to use and long-lasting devices for the casual water pipe user. This carbed tattoo logo bong is very tall, which allows the smoke plenty of time and space to cool down on its way to your lungs.

Tattoo Acrylic Bong – Fluorescent – Specs

  • Height:50.5 cm / 19.9 inch