Alex K Glass – Showerhead Diffuser Downstem – 18.8mm


Handmade, high-end glass diffuser downstem by Alex K!

  • Made in the USA in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Ships from the USA
  • High quality borosilicate glass
  • Sure-ground glass-on-glass joints
  • Alex K Black Label logo
  • Choose length when ordering

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Alex K Glass – Showerhead Diffuser Downstem – 18.8mm – Description

Treat yourself and your best bong to a high end, quality glass downstem, handmade in in the USA by glass artist Alex K! Since the start of his glassblowing adventures in Alaska over 15 years ago, Alex K has been honing his craft and creating colorful glass art pieces for the smoking culture community. Now based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Alex K makes a range of glass smoking accessories, from headie concentrate smoking sets to this clear borosilicate glass showerhead diffuser downstem, the ideal accessory when you want extra smoke cooling and percolation and dont want to skimp on quality. This downtube features 18.8mm > 18.8mm glass-on-glass joints and is available in three lengths. Remember to measure from the tip of your existing downstem to the top of the first joint when measuring to find out which length youll need to order for your spare or replacement downstem.

Alex K Glass – Showerhead Diffuser Downstem – 18.8mm – Specs

  • Glass by Individual Artists:Alex K.
  • Joint Size:18.8 mm > 18.8 mm