Envy Glass Egg Crater Bomb Bubbler


There is nothing else like the egg crater bomb bubbler!

  • Made in USA
  • Scientific glass
  • Large spheric bubbler
  • 18.8mm male ground joint
  • Female 18.8mm vapor dome
  • Bent neck
  • Concentrate nail not included!

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Envy Glass Egg Crater Bomb Bubbler – Description

The Egg Crater Bomb is a unique bubbler like no other! Weighing around 600 grams, this beast has an 18.8mm ground joint that leads down to a raised egg crater, or inverted dome, percolator that has many openings to maximize diffusion and surface area. As your smoke enters the large glass sphere, it will interact with water as it is cleaned of excess residue and further cooled.

Envy Glass Egg Crater Bomb Bubbler – Specs

  • Brand Name:Envy Glass
  • color:clear
  • Height:24.8 cm / 9.75 inches
  • Joint Size:18.8 mm