Salt Dry Handpipe


A strange and beautiful other-worldly glass pipe as envisioned by Salt!

  • Made in the USA
  • Original glass art designed by Salt in 2011
  • Jet black with white accents and realistic details
  • Comfortable thumb indent on left side of pipe

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Salt Dry Handpipe – Description

This fat little beast is a striking apparition: deep, glossy black with a ridged life-like pattern, snub tubular appendages adorned with erratic white bumps, small yellowing teeth framing a gaping mouth. The deep indent on the left of the bowl, behind its top row of teeth, is a snug fit for your thumb, but the shell-like conical indentation near the mouth piece seems to serve no purpose other than to make you endlessly wonder what it could be for in this creatures fantasy world. A narrowed light blue eye and soft blue shading break up this tiny expanse of pitch black.

Salt Dry Handpipe – Specs

  • Glass by Individual Artists:Salt
  • Length:10 cm / 3.94 inches