Salt Dry Handpipe


An irresistibly bizarre little beast, exquisite one-of-a-kind glass art — and you can smoke out of it!

  • Made in the USA
  • Original glass art designed by Salt in 2010
  • Sea green with multi-colored mottling and realistic details
  • Carb hole on the top-left side of bowl

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Salt Dry Handpipe – Description

High-end glass for the smoking fan who loves a creepy creature, this piece in Salts series features spectacular coloring on a strange, rippled body. Two curled tentacles and six blunt knobs extending from the round head ensure stability in any one of several ways to display this piece on your shelf or coffee table. Long yellowed teeth with exposed pink gums rest lightly against your hand when you hold it, providing easy access to the carb hole on the top left of the bowl.

Salt Dry Handpipe – Specs

  • Glass by Individual Artists:Salt
  • Length:11 cm / 4.33 inches