Double Egg Bong w/ solid tank


Gold edition

Every G-SPOT-BONG can be ordered as a GOLD EDITION !
The brim of the pipe, the rim of the disk feet, the fitting and the
rim of the chillum are covered in real GOLD.
The price for the GOLD EDITION is 50,- € extra per bong.

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Double Egg Bong w/ solid tank – Description

With the Solid Joint Bongs we have developed the perfect solution for the weak point of glass bong. The Solid Joint is the most stable grinding for glass bongs which is available on the market. Ultra stable grinding, which is resistant to toughest strikes.

Double Egg Bong w/ solid tank – Specs

  • Brand Name:G-Spot Glass
  • Height:48cm / 19 inch
  • Glass Thickness:5mm
  • Diameter:50mm
  • Ice:Yes
  • Joint Size:18.8 mm