The Bulldog Tube Machine


The Bulldog Tube Machine

  • Ideal for high-volume rolling
  • Compatible with The Bulldog tubes
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Great way to save money

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The Bulldog Tube Machine – Description

As we all know life can be expensive, especialy as a smoker, so The Bulldog team have come up with the Bulldog rolling machine or as they like to call it, a cigarette stuffing machine. This awesome tube machine has been designed for smokers looking for a less expensive alternative to purchasing normal packs of cigarettes and at smokers that want to have full control over what tobacco or herb mix they want to smoke in there cigarets. The rolling machine gives the user the option to easily make machine-perfect cigarettes at a fraction of the price of pre-made cigarettes and its also perfect for smokers who want to prepare several smokes for later or prepare for a long journey.

The Bulldog Tube Machine – Specs

  • Brand Name:The Bulldog