Ceramic Water Pipe


Ceramic Water Pipe

  • Alien face design
  • Stable base
  • Easy to use
  • Hand painted
  • Smoke alone or with someone
  • Includes 4 plastic hoses
  • Metal downstem and bowl

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Ceramic Water Pipe – Description

This hand-crafted bong in the shape of an alien face is perfect for the sci-fi fans and UFO enthusiasts among you. The clever, out of this world design has the four metal tipped hose mouthpieces worked through the top of the alien head. The eye catching design and hand painted color finish makes this an attractive piece and a must have for any serious pipe collector. The sturdy, durable build and craftsmanship that has gone into this pipe ensures for a smooth clean hits every time and the hoses, metal downstem and bowl are removable, making this hand pipe easy to clean and maintain.

Ceramic Water Pipe – Specs

  • Height:18.5 cm / 7.3 inch