Aluminium Pollen Presser with 4 Dowels


Seven-part pollen presser makes several hash discs at once!

  • Sleek and sturdy aluminum construction
  • Textured grip at both end caps
  • Four tough ABS dowels in varying sizes

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Aluminium Pollen Presser with 4 Dowels – Description

Made of sleek and sturdy anodized aluminum, this small pollen presser will turn the kief from your herb grinder or silk screen humidor box into compressed discs of homemade hash! Pressing pollen dust into a disc will preserve its potency and make it easier to store and to smoke. The silver caps at both ends feature a textured grip, and inside, four tough ABS dowels are included, so you can make one or more discs of compressed kief hash in a variety of sizes all at once!

Aluminium Pollen Presser with 4 Dowels – Specs

  • Size:height: 56mm / 2.2 inches
  • Diameter:24mm
  • color:silver and grey