White Rhino 16 Ounce Pipe Cleaner


Powerful 16 ounce pipe cleaner by White Rhino

  • Designed for use on glass
  • 16 ounce bottle
  • Removes odors
  • Removes old residue
  • Comes in a durable bottle

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White Rhino 16 Ounce Pipe Cleaner – Description

The 16 Ounce Glass Pipe Cleaner by White Rhino is the perfect solution for keeping all your glass bongs, pipes and accessories clean and free of any unwanted residue. The pipe cleaner liquid contains a specially formulated scrubbing agent that not only removed dirt and residue, it also eradicates bad odors that can build up after use. The glass pipe cleaner won’t damage or discolor your glass ware but will keep it looking brand new for years and years. We recommend that you clean you glass pipes, glass bongs and glass accessories regularly, especially if you are using a new herb, oil or wax to avoid polluting the flavor with old, unwanted odors and residue.

White Rhino 16 Ounce Pipe Cleaner – Specs

  • Brand Name:White Rhino
  • Size:16oz