Weed Star D-Light Recycler Bong


Stunning D-Light recycler bong by Weed Star

  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Stemless inline slitted diffuser
  • Organ style sprinkler percolator
  • Easy to clean
  • Rimmed mouthpiece
  • Weed Star logo and Ziggy Jacksons signature
  • 14.5 mm male ground joint
  • 14.5 mm female herb bowl
  • No carb hole
  • Circular foot

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Weed Star D-Light Recycler Bong – Description

The D-Light by Weed Star is a stunning scientific recycler bong packed with features and designed for use with dry herbs. The bong comes equipped with a stemless, inline, slitted diffuser and an organ or sprinkler percolator that adds filtration, cleaning and cooling to your smoke. This hand-made 2mm thick borosilicate glass recycler bong has been designed to pull smoke through the inline diffusers slits to break the smoke up into lots of little bubbles on the waters surface. The smoke is then pulled up and through the organ percolator that divides and filters the smoke even more. The smoke is then cooled as it continues up through the wavy tube and into the recycle chamber, where it gets “recycled” again before traveling up and out of the flared mouthpiece. This recycling process cools and filters the smoke resulting in a smoother hit that is very easy on the lungs and throat, but still packed with flavor

Weed Star D-Light Recycler Bong – Specs

  • Brand Name:Weed Star Glass
  • color:clear
  • Height:30 cm / 11.8 inches
  • Glass Thickness:2.0 mm
  • Joint Size:14.5 mm