Waxy – PTFE Non-Stick Sheet


Cut to Size PTFE Sheet by Waxy

  • Made in Germany
  • 100% resistant against non polar solvents
  • Cut to size
  • 1m x 0,30m (40 x 12 inch)

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Waxy – PTFE Non-Stick Sheet – Description

The Waxy PTFE sheet is the ideal dabbing equipment for handling all of your sticky substances such as oils and waxes. Made in Germany, this sheet of PTFE or Polytetrafluorethylen is the new 100% non-polar solvent resistant sheet. The sheet is resistant to butane or alcohol and can stand extreme temperatures ranging from -150 up to +260 degrees Celsius (-238F – 500F).

Waxy – PTFE Non-Stick Sheet – Specs

  • Size:40 x 12 inches (100 x 30cm)