Black Leaf Spear Bong Maker


Make a bong out of any plastic bottle!

  • Made of durable metal
  • Sharpened end
  • Deep bowl
  • Pierced end for smoke diffusion
  • Endlessly reusable

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Black Leaf Spear Bong Maker – Description

This clever little metal spear by Black Leaf enables the user to turn any plastic bottle into a bong! The end of the metal spear has been purposely designed to pierce the side of an ordinary plastic bottle so you can easily construct your own water pipe whenever you want. Made from durable, easy-to-clean metal, this tool comes with a generous sized herb bowl and works just like a normal diffuser downstem. Simply load the metal bowl with your favourite dry herb or tobacco mix, light it up and enjoy! The spear bong maker works by drawing smoke down through the spears submerged holes where the water cools, filters and diffuses the smoke resulting in a more clean enjoyable hit. Best of all, youll never have to clean your bong — just safely dispose of the bottle,, find a fresh plastic bottle and you are good to go!

Black Leaf Spear Bong Maker – Specs

  • Brand Name:Black Leaf
  • color:metal
  • Size:17 cm / 6.75 inches