Guide for choosing lighting in the growing room

Many people prefer to grow a hydro-plant at home or in a growing room. However, the closed, low-light space may be a problem, but this is not an issue that can not be resolved with the appropriate lighting.

There is no plant that does not need light. In order for the plant to grow properly, it needs a certain amount of light to make the photosynthesis process more efficient and the plants will bloom more quickly and be ready to overdo it. Therefore, in the absence of natural light, choose the right lighting.

Select the appropriate lighting
Helmans are units used to measure the intensity of light as it is absorbed by a human eye. Therefore, when choosing a lighting for an increase room, one should not only refer to the intensity of the watt indicated on the bulb package, since plants utilize the energy produced from the light according to the lumen rather than the intensity of the watt.

Which bulbs are suitable for hydropower?
Fluorescent bulb 110 watt – This bulb will produce about ten thousand lumens (recommended for spacing and sprouting).
North Metal near 400 watts – this bulb will produce thirty-five thousand lumens.
A high-pressure bulb, 400 watts – this light produces forty-five thousand lumens.
The 600-watt HPS bulb will produce 100,000 lumens.

MH bulb
This bulb is suitable for the growth stage of your potted plant. When it comes to an area measuring about half a meter on a meter, you should purchase a 150-watt bulb. When it comes to an area about one meter by one meter, a 250-watt bulb should be purchased. When it comes to a space that is larger than one square meter, you need to purchase 600W of bulbs.

Fluorescent bulb
Many of the towers choose fluorescent bulbs, which have only become more sophisticated over time. Reality shows that the quality of the crops is indicated by fluorescent lighting, but there are those who use this bulb only in the growth stages of the flower. For the growth period it is recommended to shoot in a bluish white color while during the flowering period it is recommended to have a red-yellow bulb.

Metal Bulbs Near
These bulbs are most suitable for the growth period. They help the plant bloom and prevent its elongation. In addition, these bulbs are very economical and have a long life span, which is also an advantage to consider.

High Pressure Sodium Lamps
These bulbs are suitable for the flowering time of the plant since these bulbs “encourage” the plants to bloom. They are very effective and produce many diamantaires. The life span of the bulb is great, so it is also a cost-effective bulb. Additional bulbs suitable for use are dual spectrum bulbs and LED lights.

And finally, this is the place to note that as much as lighting selection is important, the plant is not only dependent on light, it also depends on suitable fertilizers, irrigation, ventilation and more. Therefore, be prepared accordingly in all respects and you will be able to enjoy a high quality product.