13 Tips for a successful and easy home growing process

Grow alone at home, especially in hydroponics, is easy and simple when you know your abilities and goals. We have compiled a number of key tips for successful home improvement:

1. Equipment – It’s worth investigating what each part of the system does and what parts you need for a successful home-grown habitat.

2. Genetics – Learn about the type of plant you grow and its seasonal needs.

3. Light – pay attention to the needs of the light that the plant in the home growing needs to grow and blossom as desired.

4. Chemicals – use recommended, avoid overload the first time you grow.

5. Plan – Plan and write a growth plan from the preparation stage, planting, growth to pruning.

6. Preparation – Purchase the equipment and additives according to the plan before it starts.

7. Dynamic – Check and adjust the solutions you add daily.

8. Preserving materials – Be sure to keep the chemicals according to the manufacturer’s instructions, in a cool, dark place.

9. Replacements – every two weeks, complete cleaning and replacement of chemicals and water in the domestic habitat system.

10. Darkness – Make sure the hours of darkness are essential to the plant using a timer and keep the darkness completely.

11. At the end, perform a thorough cleaning after each harvest and towards a new round of growth.

12. Protecting the habitat – change clothes and wash yourself well in handling large breeding areas (such as a hiding tent / cabinet). Do not let the pets near you and do not visit often, especially after visiting another breeding site. And make sure guests keep these rules too.

13. If you bring a new seedling to a working system, isolate it for about two weeks before entering your sterile growth cavity.

Whatever question or advice you need before or during the growth – we are here.