10 tips for saving your monthly electricity bill – not just hydro towers!

Hydroponic growth needed electricity. The more you invest in higher quality equipment (such as a lamp instead of a regular lamp), you can reduce the cost of electricity while growing / flourishing and still have the best tips for keeping your monthly electricity bill low: monthly, annual,

1. Switch to energy-efficient bulbs throughout the house!
CFLs (compact fluorescent lights, those that look like a thick curly straw) are more economical than the number of light bulbs that appear above the head in cartoons when exposed to a genius idea. Fluorescent bulbs are an equally ingenious invention that allows up to 75% less energy to diffuse and diffuse light as much as you need. Replace the five most usable bulbs in your home with the CLF bulbs and you will see a drop of up to 85 USD in the cost of the annual electricity bill, the CFL bulbs are also recyclable, so you contribute to saving and conserving energy on the entire planet.

2. Install smart power switches!
Garden lighting and corridors, toilets and bathtubs, operated by smart switches, can save about 100 USD in the annual electricity bill, thanks to the operation only when it is used and it is claimed that the light does not work even if you forget to close the bed the light.

3. Purchase economical electrical equipment!
Every electrical product – kitchen, garden and even air conditioner and television – has a rating that says how wasteful or energy efficient it is. By purchasing cost-effective products that comply with international standards, you can save up to 30% on their annual electricity expenses. Since you do not replace all electrical appliances in one shot tomorrow morning, do this gradually, especially for electrical appliances 8 years or older and save about 100 USD in the annual electricity bill.

4. Maintain the air conditioner!
The air conditioner, which takes care of our freshness in the summer and warms us in the winter, is one of the largest energy-generating units we operate in our home. Proper maintenance of an air conditioner, especially an air conditioner of 4 years or more, may improve its operation and save about 85 USD in the annual electricity bill.

5. Lay out the gadgets to sleep sometimes!
Advanced electronics, especially new-generation gadgets, are energy consumers out of proportion sometimes. These products can usually be found in the home computer environment. Be sure to use an extension cord with a switch, which allows for the shutdown (if only for the night) of the chargers and other electrical waste devices. Today, for every device that needs it, there is already a memory chip (televisions handheld equipment, etc.) that can be lit with all the settings you requested and there is no need to keep them connected to the socket. You can save about NIS 300 a year in the electricity bill.

6. Do not dry the dryer!
The detergent will have a large amount of dust, wool, dirt and paper, or any residue from the pockets that block its ventilation openings and reduce its efficiency, to the point where it consumes about 30% more electricity per year than the dryer. In addition to saving on repair and commissioning of dryers, you can save about NIS 100 on your monthly electricity bill if you are properly maintaining the dryer.

7. Turn on the boiler?
The water heater allows us to freshen up in the morning shower, or to warm up on cold days under a pampering stream of water, but the boiler is a well-known energy pump, an inexhaustible waste of electricity and the best way to ‘control’ it is by means of a mechanical or electronic timer, Schedule the boiler’s start-up and shutdown times. Set up 15 minutes of activity before a morning shower in the summer and give him another ten minutes of activity on a cold night or during the winter. In this way you will save about 30 USD in the annual electricity bill.

8. Check Rush Hours!
The price of electricity may vary during the various hours of operation. When it’s all hot in the middle of summer, turn on the air conditioner, you do not have to be cheap, but when you want to run a dryer or dishwasher, it’s best to do it in low demand hours – after 22:30, to enjoy discounted electricity rates. In this way, you can save about 100 USD by publishing the annual electricity bill.

9. Do not let the fridge cool down!
With proper maintenance of the refrigerator (cleaning, replacement of original parts in time, etc.) and placing the temperature meter on the minimum necessary (according to the contents of the refrigerator – there are refrigerators that know how to do this automatically today), you can save about 85 USD in the annual electricity bill.

10. In the end, do all the small things that contribute to energy conservation and natural creation – that will hang as many vegetation as possible in the house, cover the windows that burn too hot sunlight, install a blower in houses with tiled roofs to reduce the air conditioner’s effort to take over the hot air mass accumulated on the roof, Use a microwave oven with Mini Oven capabilities to avoid running the appliance. Whenever there is some food left to warm, make sure that the refrigerator doors are sealed as the rubber doors on the doors are sealed and follow the monthly bill.
In this section, you can save an additional 100 USD in the annual electricity bill and a total of about 850 USD (!!!) savings in the electricity bills of the house per year.