marijuana dictionary/ weed slang no2

If you have special name tags for your smoking instruments (bongs/pipe/whatever it is you smoke through) – we will be happy to publish them in Marijuana Dictionary/ Weed slang updates.

Marijuana Dictionary/ Weed slang #2


* Names : Marijuana, grass, dope, draw, puff, blow, weed, gear, ganja, herb, wacky baccy, skunk, hash, hashish, pot

* What is cannabis : Cannabis is the common name of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabis is usually taken by smoking the plant’s dried leaves or compressed plant’s ‘leftovers’ mixed with tobacco. The common use is in hand-rolled cigarettes (joints, spliffs, biftas, and reefers), Bongs or Pipes (devices/smoking instruments used to cool the smoke).

* How does Cannabis makes you feel?: You’ll feel happiness and more cheery or become more talkative and less shy. You will most certainly get ‘the munchies’. ‘Munchies’ is a situation when you think and feel that you want to eat everything, and we mean everything.
Less enjoyable effects are dizziness, dry-mouth, and a pounding heart. You might become a little panic, paranoid, depressed, unmotivated, forgetful and unable to keep track of time (minutes seem like hours and vice versa).

Short and to the point. see you at Marijuana Dictionary/ Weed slang #3 update.