marijuana dictionary/ weed slang no1

Before we”re getting familiar with the first chapter of Marijuana Dictionary/ Weed slang, team would like to encourage you to write us your local slang. If you have special name tags for your smoking instruments (bongs/pipe/whatever it is you smoke through) – we will be happy to publish them in Marijuana Dictionary/ Weed slang updates.

Marijuana Dictionary/ Weed slang #1

A double : Twenty dollars (bucks).

Kick stick : A joint full of cannabis.

Wasted : Someone under a strong substance influence.

Weed bunny : Someone who loves having sex after smoking (aren’t we all?!)

Whoopdee : When you’re really stoned, use this keyword to inform your mates.

Short and to the point. see you at Marijuana Dictionary/ Weed slang #2 update.